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Koka Oy – 50 years as a pioneer

Key player in the industry

Koka Oy was established in the late 1960s when Kalevi Kariluoma, who had worked in HVAC companies throughout his working life, realized there was a demand for a plastic water trap for a washing sink that a German factory manufactured. Until then, the water traps on the market were made of cast iron or brass. Kalevi’s lack of language skills and being busy with his day job did not prevent him from establishing the company and starting an import business. In August 1968, the company was entered into the trade register under the trade name Ko-Ka and Kalevi’s wife Raili Kariluoma was registered as the owner.

Plastic was a brand-new material on the water trap market and it required sales efforts to get the customers and different user groups to understand the benefits of the material. At that time there were no type approval certificates – not to mention EU certificates. A positive statement in the form of a letter from the water utility company of the City of Helsinki served as a sign of official approval for plastic water locks. The plastic water lock Akseli soon gained fame – it was the only plastic alternative on the market for a long time and the market leader until the late 1970s.

At the turn of the 1970s and 1980s, brass valves and ball bib cocks made by the company Enolgas Bonomi were introduced to the Ko-Ka product range. Especially the EKO ball bib cockss and EUROSTOP foot valves were crucial in creating the basis of Ko-Ka’s high-quality product range for a demanding user base during the 1980s and they became renowned as innovative technical solutions. Sometimes, the solutions were simple, such as the full-bore barrel tap that is still featured in company’s product selection today. It was implemented by combining a 3/4″ thread with a 1″ tap. Similarly, the combination of the EUROSTOP foot valve with the AXO plastic pipe connector (model H.183) still continues to be a customer favourite in its fourth decade of existence. In the early 1990s, water meters replaced the water locks in Koka Oy’s product catalogue.

The cooperation with B METERS already began in the early days of the manufacturer, and this close partnership has seen both parties grow into leading positions in their fields and become highly recognized  experts in water metering. Today, both companies reach impressive figures: B METERS produces over 2.5 million units worldwide per year, and Koka’s water meter sales in Finland exceed 100,000 units annually. These achievements are the result of successful product development and persistently hard work, as well as investment in high-quality service. We have always strived to be among the first to introduce new technologies while still respecting traditions.

Facts about the company

  • Established: 1968
  • Employees: 15
  • Turnover: EUR 6.5 million (2021)
  • Location: Helsinki