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Do you want to reduce water consumption in your housing company by 25–50%

Facts about the average water consumption of an apartment building:

155 litres / resident / day
The average water consumption in an apartment building is 155 litres per person per day. 40% of this is warm water.

10 min / 150 litres
A shower of about 10 minutes consumes 120-150 litres of water, of which 60% is hot water.

20 min / day = €600 / year
A 20-minute daily shower costs around €600 / year. The yearly cost of a 5-minute daily shower would be around €150.

Average water consumption:

•      Kitchen 35 L (22%)
•      Laundry 20 L (13%)
•      Showers 60 L (39%)
•      WC 40 L (26%)

Save money and the environment in your housing company ­­­– Choose HYDROLINK

Do you want to reduce water consumption in your housing company by 25–50%. These kinds of numbers have come up when the water is billed according to actual consumption. From us you will always get the most reliable and cost-effective solution on the market.

  • Real-time consumption information for the housing company
  • Monitoring of consumption per apartment
  • Billing per apartment
  • Easy transfer of consumption data to the billing system
  • Alerts for water leaks
  • Tracking of consumption history
  • The ability for residents to monitor their own consumption

Billing according to consumption creates uniformity and equality

Nobody wants to pay for a neighbour’s water consumption. And now you don’t have to, because we have the solution for you: a HYDROLINK system that is scalable according to your needs!

Making the right choice can have an effect on your fees

An old-fashioned, per-resident water fee usually only covers a small fraction of the actual cost of water use. The remaining part will be paid by all shareholders in the form of a maintenance fee. Is that fair? No. Our HYDROLINK system follows water consumption 24 hours a day, every day of the year. The system has its own accurate meters for cold and warm water. The housing company can decide the interval of billing according to consumption, e.g., monthly or every 3 months. Billing information can be easily transferred to the billing system already used by the property manager. All major billing systems are already supported and support for new ones will be added as soon as they enter the market.

Payback timetable

Paybacktime table
Apartments 28
Persons 56
Consumption before 155 l
Consumption after 110 l
Savings/person/day 45 l
Price of the water suppliers' water 4,68 €/m³
Per cent of the warm water 40 %
Energy used to heat the water 58 kWh/m³
kWh price 0,07 €/kWh


HYDROLINK ONLINE (Free of charge)

  • Easy monitoring of water consumption per apartment at
  • Works on an Internet browser
  • You can set automatic consumption reports to be sent by email to the property manager
  • Possibility to transfer readings in file format into billing programs already in use


  • Includes automatic leakage monitoring and alarms.
  • Apartment temperature monitoring (requires AD-2 Home Displays or AMB sensors).
  • iOS and Android applications for residents to allow them to monitor their water consumption in litres and euros. Following the daily and monthly consumption is made easy with graphs. The same information can also be monitored on a computer browser.
  • Affordable pricing, housing company-specific license.


Wired cable transmission from meters to a central metering unit

Readings can be read on:

  • the counter on the water meter
  • the Central Unit display on site
  • the ONLINE service
  • the optional AD-2 Home Displays

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Wireless data transmission from meters to a central metering unit

Readings can be read on:

  • the counter on the water meter
  • the ONLINE service
  • the optional WAD-4 Home Display

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Wireless data transfer from meters to a reading device

Readings can be read on:

  • the counter on the water meter
  • the laptop computer that retrieves the meter readings when located near the building
  • the optional WAD-4 Home Displays

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Remote reading X X X
Real time readings X X X
Alarms X X X
Reading the meter:
From the meter itself X X X
From the home screen X (accessory) X (accessory) X (accessory)
Through the Internet X X -
From the mobile phone X X -
To transfer billing data X X X
Completely maintenance-free X X X
Monitoring temperature* X (accessory) X (accessory) -
Monitoring humidity* X (accessory) X (accessory) -
Information about energy consumption** X (accessory) X (accessory) -
*Requires AD-2-home screens in Hydrolink line-system. In Hydrolink wireless-system it requires RFM-AMB apartments sensors.
**Requires Hydrocal- or Hydrosplit-energy meters that are installed to Hydrolink line or wireless systems.

When deciding on and comparing water meters, please consider the following factors:

  • Are the water meters CE/MID certified?
  • Additional Home Displays are not obligatory when it is possible for the resident to check the meter readings easily on the meter itself.
  • Can the water consumption be checked from the meter itself?
  • Do the meters give accurate measurements and is the reading data securely stored if there is a power failure or low battery?
  • Are the meters and the system genuinely maintenance-free?
  • Calculate yourself what the actual payback period of the investment is.