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The WAD-4 Home Display is compatible with the HYDROLINK Wireless and HYDROLINK Tablet water metering systems. The WAD-4 Wireless Home Display makes it easy to use water wisely as it provides visible real-time information on water consumption. The display makes it easier for you to make informed, conscious choices and change your consumption habits towards a more sustainable consumption, and it can also save you money.

Wireless Home Display (WAD-4)

Compatible with GSD-TX water meters and available for the HYDROLINK Wireless and HYDROLINK Tablet systems as an optional accessory. The Home Display makes it easy for the resident to monitor their water consumption.

LVI-number 4482 624 


• Cumulative consumption
• How much water is currently being used
• How much has the water consumption been previously
• It also tells you if you are spending more or less water than an average household of the same size
• Can be installed either onto a wall or in standing position anywhere in the apartment
• Power through a normal 230VAC socket plug
• The Home Display receives messages sent by wireless water meters (GSD-TX, GMDM-TX) every 30 seconds between 6–22 o’clock (the newest models receive message every 30 seconds, 24 hours a day)


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Features of the WAD-4 Home Display

• You can set a target for your water consumption, and the colouring of the fish on the screen will tell you if your consumption is in line with your goals. The green fish and clown fish let you know that you’re about to succeed! The red fish means that you have been using too much water.
• The alarm signal indicates water leakage or unusually high consumption.
• The leaking tap is a sign of running water. Is the bath filling up or did you forget the tap and leave it running?
• With the zero reset counter, you can easily measure how much water you spend in the shower, for example.

Dimensions Energy consumption Power supply Frequency Information storage IP-class Temperature Max. number of meters
n. 145 x 75 x 35 mm with background light < 1,0 W 230VAC/50Hz 868 MHz 2 months's data and 15 minutes accuracy IP 20 0–+40 celciusta 4 pieces