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Energy meters

The need for energy efficiency in buildings in the public sector, businesses and homes has increased, so high-quality meters for measuring heating and cooling energy are also needed. We offer long-lasting products that are easy to use and read. Our solutions make energy efficiency in buildings easy to monitor!


Energy meters

Mechanical energy meter DN15-DN20


Energy meters

Mechanical energy meter DN25-DN300


The amount of cooling and heating energy used in homes and industrial premises is measured with accurate and reliable energy meters. Our product range contains HYDROCAL heat meter, which is a compact meter for residential use and allows you to check consumed energy as well as instantaneous flow and temperature values. HYDROSPLIT is a heat meter for larger sites. We also offer ultrasonic heat meters for both residential use and larger sites. HYDROSONIS-ULC is a compact model available for wired and wireless M-BUS in sizes DN15–20. Hydrosplit Ultra is an ultrasonic energy meter with a wide size range.

Take a look at our high-quality energy meters that provide accurate information about your energy consumption!