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Home Displays, LDS Leakage Sensor and Water meter accessories.

Home Displays

Home Displays are optional accessories and they are not obligatory when the resident has access to monitor their consumption on the dial counter of the meter.

The AD-2 Home Display is an accessory for the HYDROLINK Line system that displays the readings of cold and warm water meters, room temperature and humidity.

For the HYDROLINK Wireless and HYDROLINK Tablet systems, we offer the WAD-4 Home Display, which provides an innovative and visual way to monitor the water consumption in a household.

LDS Leakage Sensor

The leakage sensor alerts you when a water leak is detected. The sensor is placed in a location where there is a risk of water leakage, such as under a dishwasher or a refrigerator. The sensor detects leaking water on the floor when the water hits its sensor cable. The battery’s lifespan is approximately 16 years. Each alarm message contains information about possible leaks as well as the battery level. The leak sensor sends out a message every 90 sec and the Central Unit sends one every hour.

Therefore, a hidden leak will be noticed before it causes major damages. The package contains the leak sensor as well as the mounts for attaching the sensor. The leak sensor alarms are monitored by the HYDROLINK Online Premium service and require a HYDROLINK Wireless water metering system.

Product code: LDS