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Smart metering systems

Our product range includes water metering systems for a variety of sites for the use of both housing companies and water utilities.

General information about smart metering systems

We offer three different solutions for housing companies that allow the property manager access to water meter readings to make apartment-specific billing easy. In the HYDROLINK Wireless system, wireless GSD-TX meters transmit readings to a central unit, from which the readings are transmitted to the HYDROLINK Online cloud service. The HYDROLINK Line system consists of GSD-RFM water meters and an M-30 central unit from where the readings can be transmitted to the Online service with the assistance of a T-1 communication unit. In the HYDROLINK Tablet system, the GSD-TX water meters are read by the supplied tablet computer outside the housing company, and readings can be transferred to the billing system in a file format.

The HYDRONET Water Metering System for water utilities works through nationwide IoT networks and is available for various IoT technology networks (Sigfox, LoraWAN, NB-IoT). HYDRONET is a fully automatic remotely readable system that doesn’t require any other investment than water meters. The water readings are stored in the HYDRONET cloud service and are automatically transferable to the billing program already used by the water utility. The HYDROLINK Remote is a so-called drive-by system for water utilities. The wireless water meter readings can be downloaded to a laptop computer by using a receiver. This can be done from the car, for example.


Smart metering systems

A smart metering system using M-Bus technology


Smart metering systems

Wireless smart metering system with M-Bus protocol, readable with tablet


Smart metering systems

Remotely readable IoT system for the use of water utilities


Smart metering systems

Remotely reading system "DriveBy" for water utilities