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We offer a wide range of high-quality ball bib cocks. Our selection includes four different EKO ball bib cocks. The long-life EKO S.082 tap can be used not only for water but also for special liquids. EKO-AF is an easy-to-use and frost-proof valve tap. The chromed and polished EKOLUX tap offers a high-quality and finished option for indoor use. The EKO-MATIC can be connected to plastic hose quick connectors. The KIT ball bib cock is a simple ball bib cock with a hose connector.

Additionally, we offer models EKO R.080, EKOLUX S.100L and BIBOLUX as taps for water tanks.

Our product range of oil and barrel bib cocks includes five different options: high-quality brass EKO ¾”, lockable EKO S.074, slide valve KOKA T.200 from brass for high density liquids, EKO 2″ barrel taps and self-closing SETTE oil taps. In addition to these, we also offer tap gaskets and plastic fittings.

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