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Water meters

Our water meters are high-quality water meters manufactured by B METERS and can be used as a basis for reliable billing. Our product range includes residential, municipal and industrial cold and warm water meters. In addition, we offer hot water and impulse meters, wired M-BUS meters and different kinds of installation accessories for the meters, such as connectors and seals.

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Our selection of residential meters includes manually and remotely readable meters. For municipal use we provide, for example, CPR and GMB wet dial meters and the GMDM dry dial meter. Our free-of-charge HYDRONET cloud service is ready for use with IoT water meters. Impulse water meters work with impulse counters and up to four such meters can be connected to single a display at the same time. M-BUS water meters use M-BUS technology (e.g., GSD-RFM and GMDM-RFM).

General information about water meters

With the water meter you can measure the consumption of water on the selected site in cubic meters or litres. The water meter is installed in the water inlet before other water equipment. The meter is used to measure the consumption of water in an apartment for billing purposes. There are separate meters for cold and warm water, and they are usually colour-coded: blue for cold water and red for warm and hot water.

The main water meter is owned and maintained by the water utility. Usually the water utility will make one connection to a detached house or an apartment building. Based on this meter, the water utility charges its customers (single houses or housing companies) in the water distribution network. The sub-meters are installed in the apartments to measure the water consumption of a household, which gives an accurate basis for billing. Water meters in apartments are owned and maintained by the housing company.

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