Each meter is individually calibrated at the plant based on the viscosity of the substance, which enables extremely precise measurement results.

MAG-C is capable of measuring the flow rate and consumption of electrically conductive liquid substances. The meter has no mechanical moving parts, so any solid particles do not cause damage to the meter. The interior of the measuring sensor is insulated. The liquid to be measured does not come into contact with the sensor itself or with the flanges. Thanks to this, even aggressive substances (Teflon or ebonite) which the insulant can withstand can be measured.

In addition, nearly limitless mounting positions and the almost non-existent flow resistance make this meter suitable for many applications in the chemical, paper, food and hydraulic industries.

  • DN15–DN2000
  • Also available with a separate display (split version MAG-S)

Certified mounting positions

Certified mounting positions

SizeInchModelLenght L (mm)Product number
DN151/2"cold water200MAG-C15
DN203/4"cold water200MAG-C20
DN251"cold water200MAG-C25
DN321 1/4"cold water200MAG-C32
DN401 1/2"cold water200MAG-C40
DN502"cold water200MAG-C50
DN652 1/2"cold water200MAG-C65
DN803"cold water200MAG-C80
DN1004"cold water250MAG-C100
DN1255"cold water250MAG-C125
DN1506"cold water300MAG-C150
DN2008"cold water350MAG-C200
DN25010"cold water450MAG-C250
DN30012"cold water500MAG-C300
DN35014"cold water550MAG-C350
DN40016"cold water600MAG-C400
DN45018"cold water450MAG-C450
DN50020"cold water500MAG-C500
DN60024"cold water600MAG-C600
DN70028"cold water700MAG-C700
DN80032"cold water800MAG-C800
DN90036"cold water900MAG-C900
DN100040"cold water1000MAG-C1000
DN120048"cold water1200MAG-C1200
DN140056"cold water1400MAG-C1400
DN160064"cold water1600MAG-C1600
DN180072"cold water1800MAG-C1800
DN200080"cold water2000MAG-C2000