Multi-jet water meter with dry dial. Can be equipped with a remote reading module.

  • Remote reading option
  • CE/MID approved
  • DN20–DN50
  • As cold and hot water meter
  • Available in R100 and R160 precision classes
  • 5-digit roll counter (full cubic litres)
  • Mounted with the dial facing up or sideways or on a vertical pipe
  • 360-degree swivel cover (DN20 to DN32)

Certified mounting positions

Certified mounting positions

Cold water meters

SizeInchModelLenght L (mm)Permanent flow rate Q3LVI-number
DN203/4"cold water1904 m³4418 202
DN251"cold water26010 m³4418 204
DN321 1/4"cold water26010 m³4418 206
DN401 1/2"cold water30016 m³4418 208
DN502"cold water30025 m³4418 210
DN50 with flange2"cold water30025 m³4418 212

Hot water meters

SizeInchModelLenght L (mm)Permanent flow rate Q3LVI-number
DN203/4"warm water1904 m³4438 202
DN251"warm water26010 m³4438 204
DN321 1/4"warm water26010 m³4438 206
DN401 1/2"warm water30016 m³4438 208
DN502"warm water30025 m³4438 210
DN50 with flange2"warm water30025 m³4438 212