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Residential water meters


GSD-RF is a water meter with optical predisposition for remote reading modules.

The GSD-RF meter has a predisposition for remote reading, which means that it is possible to equip it with an M-BUS module (MB1 or TX1) later on. It also works as a traditional, manually-readable dry dial meter.

Upgrading to a remotely readable water meter is simple and easy

• DN15-DN20
• CE/MID approved
• 360-degree rotating dial helps meter reading even in difficult places
• Dry dial structure ensures the counter window is always clean
• Approved mounting positions: dial upwards, dial sideways or onto vertical pipe
• Predisposition for remote reading




Size Inch Model Lenght L (mm) Permanent flow rate Q3 LVI-number
DN15 1/2" cold water 110 2,5 m³ 4418 021
DN15 1/2" warm water 110 2,5 m³ 4438 021
DN20 3/4" cold water 130 4 m³ 4418 060
DN20 3/4" warm water 130 4 m³ 4438 060