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Smart metering systems


A water metering system with wireless M-Bus technology for residential water metering and data transmission with mobile receiver.

HYDROLINK Tablet is the wireless M-Bus implementation of the HYDROLINK Water Metering Systems. HYDROLINK Tablet consists of wireless HYDRODIGIT-TX water meters and the meters are read with a tablet computer that is included in the delivery. The meter readings can be transferred in a file format to another computer. 

The meters send in readings every 30 seconds. The readings are received on the tablet computer from which they can be read. The meter readings can also be read directly from the counter on the meter. Using the tablet computer, it is very easy to check which meters have already been read and which have not.

Depending on the size of the site, it may be enough to just stand in the yard of a house or housing company and wait a moment to receive the readings onto the tablet computer. If all the water meter readings are not available from where you are standing, it usually helps to move into the stairwell, for example, to get all the necessary meter readings. You can also transfer the readings from the tablet computer to a desktop computer in a file format.

HYDROLINK Tablet -instructions for designers you can find here

Tablet Reading Set, LVI-number 4482 620



HYDROLINK Tablet Reading Set (incl. a tablet computer with software and a receiver)

LVI-number 4482 620

TX Water Meters

The HYDRODIGIT-TX cold- and warm water meters are fully wireless residential water meters. The differently coloured cold and warm water meters are easy to identify and tell apart. The amount of consumed water is easy to check from the counter on the meter and you can also collect the reading data by using the tablet computer.

DN15  HYDRODIGIT-TX cold water meter    LVI-number 4418 028
DN15  HYDRODIGIT-TX warm water meter  LVI-number 4438 036
Also available in the size of DN20!

WAD-4 Home Display (optional accessory)

A separate Home Display can also be added to the HYDROLINK Wireless and HYDROLINK Tablet systems for monitoring water consumption. The Home Display is not obligatory when the resident has the opportunity to monitor their consumption from the counter on the meter.

WAD-4  LVI-number 4482 624              

RFM-AMB Wireless Temperature and Humidity Sensor (optional accessory)