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Smart metering systems


A water metering system using wireless M-Bus technology for residential water metering and data transmission.

HYDROLINK Wireless is the wireless implementation of the intelligent and remotely readable HYDROLINK Water Metering Systems. HYDROLINK Wireless consists of HYDRODIGIT-TX water meters, repeaters and a central unit. In addition to water meter counters, consumption readings can also be read from the HYDROLINK Online service. The cloud service is free of charge and includes automatic email reporting that can be activated if so desired. The reports can be downloaded in different file formats, compatible with all existing property management programs (e.g., Visma, Tampuuri, Domus, Kupari). Residents can monitor their daily water consumption on the optional WAD-4 Wireless Home Display or through the HYDROLINK Online Premium service, which can be used either online or with a phone application. For Premium package you can also add temperature and humidity sensor AMB or leak wireless sensor LDS

HYDROLINK Wireless -instructions for designers you can find here



TX Water Meters

The water meters of the HYDROLINK Wireless system are residential DN15 cold and hot water meters that transmit the consumption data wirelessly to the central unit of the system. Cumulative reading data is also always readable on the meter counter.

DN 15  HYDRODIGIT-TX cold water meter     LVI-number 4418 028
DN 15  HYDRODIGIT-TX warm water meter   LVI-number 4438 036
Also available in the size of DN20!

E-1 Central Unit

The central unit receives the reading data from TX water meters and sends it to the web address where the Online cloud service can be found.

E-1, Central Unit 230V, LVI-number 4482 621               

WAD-4 Home Display (optional accessory)

A separate Home Display can also be added to the HYDROLINK Wireless and HYDROLINK Tablet systems for monitoring water consumption. The Home Display is not obligatory when the resident has the opportunity to monitor their consumption from the counter on the meter.

WAD-4, LVI-number 4482 624              

LDS Leakage Sensor (optional accessory)

The Leakage Sensor alerts when a water leak is detected. It is placed in a location where there is a risk of water leakage, such as under the dishwasher or refrigerator. The Leakage Sensor alarms are available in the HYDROLINK Online Premium service with HYDROLINK Wireless system.

LDS-1, LDS Leakage Sensor

RFM-AMB Wireless Temperature and Humidity Sensor (optional accessory)