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Industrial water meters


Electromagnetic flowmeter, PN16/PN25/PN40.

Each meter is calibrated at the factory according to the order and based on the viscosity of the measured liquid. This ensures a highly accurate measurement result.

MAG-C is capable of measuring the flow and volume of electrically conductive liquids. There are no mechanical moving parts in the meter, meaning that solids will not cause damage to the meter. The internal part of the measuring pipe is insulated. The measured liquid is not in contact with the flanges or the sensor itself, which makes it possible to measure aggressive substances. Insulation material options: Teflon and ebonite.

In addition, the almost freely selectable installation position and practically non-existent flow resistance make the meter suitable for different uses in the chemical, paper, food and hydraulic industries as well as waste water applications. 

• DN15–DN2000
• Also available with a separate display (split version MAG-S)




Size Inch Model Lenght L (mm) Product number
DN15 1/2" cold water 200 MAG-C15
DN20 3/4" cold water 200 MAG-C20
DN25 1" cold water 200 MAG-C25
DN32 1 1/4" cold water 200 MAG-C32
DN40 1 1/2" cold water 200 MAG-C40
DN50 2" cold water 200 MAG-C50
DN65 2 1/2" cold water 200 MAG-C65
DN80 3" cold water 200 MAG-C80
DN100 4" cold water 250 MAG-C100
DN125 5" cold water 250 MAG-C125
DN150 6" cold water 300 MAG-C150
DN200 8" cold water 350 MAG-C200
DN250 10" cold water 450 MAG-C250
DN300 12" cold water 500 MAG-C300
DN350 14" cold water 550 MAG-C350
DN400 16" cold water 600 MAG-C400
DN450 18" cold water 450 MAG-C450
DN500 20" cold water 500 MAG-C500
DN600 24" cold water 600 MAG-C600
DN700 28" cold water 700 MAG-C700
DN800 32" cold water 800 MAG-C800
DN900 36" cold water 900 MAG-C900
DN1000 40" cold water 100 MAG-C1000
DN1200 48" cold water 1200 MAG-C1200
DN1400 56" cold water 1400 MAG-C1400
DN1600 64" cold water 1600 MAG-C1600
DN1800 72" cold water 1800 MAG-C1800
DN2000 80" cold water 200 MAG-C2000