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Water utilities

Choose a water meter you don’t need to read – HYDRONET is the solution

The HYDRONET water meter is an IoT meter designed for the use of water utilities that automatically transfers readings to the HYDRONET cloud service. HYDRONET is a fully automatic remote reading system developed for the use of water utilities. The system is easy to deploy, and it is a cost-efficient solution because it does not require any other hardware or software investments in addition to the HYDRONET water meters.

HYDRONET meters send reading data and alert information to cloud service via a national or local IoT network. There is no minimum or maximum number of water meters that can be connected, which makes the system ideal for both larger and smaller water utility companies or water cooperatives.

All readings are stored in the HYDRONET service, from where the readings are automatically transferred to the billing software used by the water utility according to the desired cycle. Billing is done as usual through the billing software already in use at the water utility company.

Municipal water meters

Small remotely readable IoT water mater


Municipal water meters

Remotely readable multi-jet water meter


Municipal water meters

Woltmann-type water meter, with IoT transmitter


  1. The reading of the HYDRONET meter can also be read on the dial counter of the meter.
  2. The meter reading is transferred onto the cloud service twice a day via the national IoT network.
  3. The latest reading is automatically sent to the billing software with the desired cycle.
  4. The billing of the end customer is done through the billing software already in use.
  5. All readings are stored in the HYDRONET cloud service where they are easy to read via a web browser on all devices.
  6. The servers of the HYDRONET service are located safely in Finland.
  • The power supply of the meter lasts for 12 years.
  • Detection of repair needs is more efficient.
  • Remotely readable water meters are completely maintenance free.
  • Only the meters are needed. No other investments into equipment required.
  • All data is stored in the cloud service from where it can also be easily retrieved later.
  • Orders are delivered within a week.

HYDRONET cloud service

The meter readings can be viewed through a web browser on the HYDRONET cloud service.