High-quality brass gas valve with full opening and internal threads. Approved OMEGA valves are suitable for LPG, natural gas and town gas. Can also be used for compressed air, cold and hot water and oil if necessary. Reliable, maintenance-free and long-lasting valve that guarantees a full pressure range. Two Viton O-rings used as stem seals.

Models: S.277 with T-handle, S.271 with long handle, S.286 angular model.

Frame: nickel-plated brass (OT58)
Ball: chrome-plated brass (OT58)
Ball gaskets: Teflon (PTFE)
Stem seals: Viton (fluoroelastomer)
Long handle: galvanized steel (PVC coating)
T-handle: aluminum (polyurethane coating)
Operating temperature:
For gas: -15 °C to +60 °C
For other substances: -15 °C to +150 °C
Operating pressure:
For gas MOP5
For other substances max PN 64 (1/4″) … PN 16 (4″)

Technical specifications

OMEGA (277-_-271-_286.PDF)


InchInchHandleLenght L (mm)LVI-number
¼”S.277female threadT-handleL=47,53783500
⅜”S.277female threadT-handleL=49,53783501
½”S.277female threadT-handleL=653783502
¾”S.277female threadT-handleL=73,53783503
1”S.277female threadT-handleL=86,53783504


InchModelHandleProduct number
½”S.286female threadT-handle37036
¾”S.286female threadT-handle37037
1”S.286female threadT-handle37038


InchModelHandleLenght L (mm)LVI-number
1¼”S.271female threadlong handleL=101,53783505
1½”S.271female threadlong handleL=115,53783506
2”S.271female threadlong handleL=132,53783507