Water meters are used to measure the domestic water consumption of an individual apartment or property

Residential water meters, or submeters, are owned by the housing company and used to bill residents according to the amount of water consumed. In general, separate residential water meters are used for cold and hot water, unless the hot water heaters are located in the apartment and the apartment is only supplied by a cold water pipe. Property-specific water meters, or municipal meters, are owned by the water utility and used to bill customers according to the amount of water consumed. The water utility always supplies cold water, so all meters in the municipal water meters category are cold water meters.

Water meters can be locally or remotely readable. Under current regulations, new residential water meters must be remotely readable if a plumbing renovation or new building requiring a building permit is carried out. Municipal water utilities have mostly used locally read meters. Recently, remotely readable water meters have become more common, and we expect that locally read meters will be replaced by remote reading in the near future also in municipal utilities. All water meters we offer for the purposes described above are metering devices certified for billing use in accordance with current requirements and regulations.