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The most advanced water metering systems on the market

We provide the most advanced water metering systems on the market and the best expertise in the industry. Our remote reading systems developed for water metering speed up water billing and make it easier for customers to monitor their consumption. Explore our residential water metering systems and remotely readable water meters for water utilities and cooperatives from the links below.

Koka Oy - Over 50 years as a pioneer

Koka Oy is Finland’s leading company specialising in water metering and related data transfer and services. Our special expertise in technologies using the Internet of Things (IoT), combined with our decades of experience as a supplier of water and energy meters, always allows us to find the best solution quickly and reliably. Housing companies, water utilities and other operators can benefit from our easy-to-use cloud services and, at best, enjoy fully automated consumption-based cost sharing. Our services are developed for Finnish needs and make monitoring and billing consumption easy and reliable. Our mobile app also helps engage and encourage residents to reduce the property’s energy costs. Through our solutions, we also want to help contribute to the important goal of saving energy, reducing our carbon footprint and building a better future.

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Koka's story


Kalevi Kariluoma, the founder of Koka, introduced plastic water traps to Finland

Koka Oy was established in the late 1960s when Kalevi Kariluoma who had worked in HVAC companies all his career, saw great potential in a plastic water trap for washing sinks manufactured by a German company. Until then, all water traps on the market were made of cast iron or brass. Kalevi’s lack of language skills or busy day job did not prevent him from starting an import business.


The plastic Akseli water trap became the market leader

Plastic was a revolutionary material in the water trap market, and it took effort to make customers and different user groups understand its benefits. In those days, there was no such thing as type approval certificates, let alone EU certificates. Despite this, the plastic Akseli water trap soon gained fame as the only plastic option on the market for a long time and the market leader for many years.


Several innovative products were developed for the market together with partners

During the 1980s, Koka Oy and its partners developed several innovative products for the Finnish market in a number of product groups. The company’s starting point has always been to provide most functional and advanced solutions for users.


Partnership with B-Meters

Cooperation with B-Meters began in the 1990s, with Koka Oy becoming an authorised representative in Finland.


Respected expert in water metering - Annual sales of more than 100,000 units in Finland

During the close cooperation with B-Meters over the decades, both parties have grown to become leaders in their fields and valued experts in water metering. B-Meters’ annual production of more than 2.5 million units globally is a significant amount, as are Koka’s annual sales of more than 100,000 units in Finland. The companies have achieved this position as a result of successful product development and long-term work as well as investments in customer service. The role of a pioneer is in our company’s DNA. We have always been among the first to adopt new technologies while still respecting traditions.

Join the growth

Our growth continues and we are constantly looking for new experts to join our talented team. Do you want to be involved in using measurement and data transfer technology as well as promoting the adoption of solutions aimed at saving energy?

  • Technical sales representative – expert in water metering
  • Technical customer advisor
  • Warehouse/assembly worker

If you see yourself in any of these positions, contact us and tell about yourself. We provide extensive training for new employees, so previous work experience or education is not crucial. We require you to have an attitude that is suitable for our relaxed company culture, the ability to learn technical matters and the desire to develop as a professional.


Despite the company’s long history, we still operate in many ways like a start-up company.

Technical Manager

Ville Nieminen

It's amazing how everyone here is always looking forward. We are like a football team playing together.

Warehouse Technician

Roni Ståhl

You can see it every day that the employer genuinely cares about employees’ wellbeing.

Account Manager

Niko Peets