Mechanical energy meter for measuring heating or cooling energy. Includes a separate display unit, flow meter, temperature sensors and a 230V power supply. M-BUS and pulse output

  • DN25–DN250
  • CE/MID approved
  • LCD display
  • M-BUS and pulse output as standard
  • Wireless M-BUS as an optional extra
  • Battery operated (lithium battery, battery life at least 10 years)
  • The package includes a display unit, flow meter, temperature sensors, sensor pockets and a 230V power supply

SizeInchLenght L (mm)Overfload flow rate QmaxProduct number
DN251"2607 m³HS-25-R
DN321 1/4"26012 m³HS-32-R
DN401 1/2"30020 m³HS-40-R
DN502"20030 m³HS-50-R
DN65flanged20050 m³HS-65-FLA
DN80flanged22580 m³HS-80-FLA
DN100flanged250120 m³HS-100-FLA
DN125flanged250200 m³HS-125-FLA
DN150flanged300300 m³HS-150-FLA
DN200flanged350500 m³HS-200-FLA
DN250flanged4501000 m³HS-250-FLA