HYDRODIGIT–TX cold and hot water meters are digital single-jet inductive flow water meters. Also certified for mounting with the dial facing down. Consumption readable directly on the display. Remote reading is possible using our HYDROLINK Wireless systems.

  • Can also be mounted with the dial facing down
  • DN15 structural length 110 mm
  • DN20 structural length 130 mm
  • CE/MID approved, R160 as standard
  • 360° rotating dial helps reading even in difficult locations
  • Wireless communication, Wireless M-BUS protocol
  • Battery life up to 16 years
  • DHW max temperature – cold water +30 °C , hot water +90 °C

Certified mounting positions

Certified mounting positions
Installation guide




Type approval certificate



SizeInchModelLenght L (mm)Permanent flow rate Q3LVI-number
DN151/2"cold water802,5 m³4418 027
DN151/2"warm water802,5 m³4438 035
DN151/2"cold water1102,5 m³4418 028
DN151/2"warm water1102,5 m³4438 036
DN203/4"cold water1304 m³4418 029
DN203/4"warm water1304 m³4438 037