HYDRODIGIT–DT cold and hot water meters are digital single-jet inductive flow water meters. Also certified for mounting with the dial facing down. Consumption readable directly on the display. Remote reading is possible using our HYDROLINK Air and HYDROLINK Wireless systems.

  • Can also be mounted with the dial facing down
  • DN15 structural length 110 mm
  • DN20 structural length 130 mm
  • CE/MID approved, R160 as standard
  • 360° rotating dial helps reading even in difficult locations
  • Wireless communication, LoraWAN and Wireless M-BUS protocol
  • Battery life up to 12 years
  • DHW max temperature – cold water +30 °C , hot water +90 °C



Installation guide


Type approval certificate


SizeInchModelLenght L (mm)Permanent flow rate Q3LVI-number
DN151/2"cold water1102,5 m³4418 064
DN151/2"warm water1102,5 m³4438 039
DN203/4"cold water1304 m³4418 073
DN203/4"warm water1304 m³4438 043
DN151/2"cold water802,5 m³4418 072
DN151/2"warm water802,5 m³4438 042